Abyat i Bahoo ابیات باھو ਅਬਿਯਾਤੇ ਬਾਹੂ

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Aashiq Hovain Taan Ishq KamaVain, Kalam Abyat Hazrat Sultan Bahoo R.A

Being an ardent lover foster your ardent love and your heart like mountain you retain Hoo Hundreds thousands of enmities and thousands of taunts as spring meadows you sustain Hoo As Hallaj crucified entire secrets who ascertain Hoo Never to lift the head from prostration ‘Bahoo’ even thousands call you infidel again and again Hoo […]

Ishq Darya Muhabbat De Vich , Kalaam Abyat Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A

Within the river of ardent love swim like a man’s might Hoo Where there are ferocious waves take step in despite Hoo From dense wild orchards, calamities and jungles, observe them without any fright Hoo Spirituallly excellence name is when ‘Bahoo’ die in its excite Hoo عشق دریا محبت دے وچ تھی مردانہ تریئے ھُو […]

Aqal Fikr Di Ja Na Kai | Kalaam Abyat Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A

There isn’t any place for intellect and thoughts where is sirr (secret) of glorious one Hoo There isn’t mullah, pundit, astrologers neither there is Qur’anic knowledge Hoo Everything annihilated when Ahmed shown Divine One Hoo Accessed entire knowledge Hazrat Bahoo ra by keeping closed heavenly books of knowledge Hoo عقل فکر دی جا نہ کائی […]

Baghdad Shehar Di Kia Nishani l Punjabi Kalaam l Abyat Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo RA

بغداد شہر دی کی نشانی اچیاں لمیاں چیراں ھُو تن من میرا پرزے پرزے جیوں درزی دیاں لیراں ھُو اینہاں لیراں دی گل کفنی پا کے رلساں سنگ فقیراں ھُو بغداد شہر دے ٹکڑے منگساں باھُو کرساں میراں میراں ھُو The most impressive landmarks of Baghdad are high furling flags there Hoo My body soul […]

Toon taan jaag na jaag faqeeraa, Kalaam Abyat Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A

Weather You awake or you don’t O faqeer you will be awakened by your need Hoo Eyes shut will not awaken heart but when it awakes then you objective you will heed Hoo I was bewildered on the way ‘Bahoo’ upon the path my spiritual master lead Hoo Toon taan jaag na jaag faqeeraa, Larhen […]

Andar Hoo Te Baahir Hoo , Kalam Abyat Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A

Hoo is in inner and Hoo in outer it scalds with every breath Hoo Hoo’s scare, is sign of love which is burning with every breath Hoo Where Hoo glows the darkness departs Hoo I sacrifice upon those Hazrat Bahoo ra who perfects hoo’s arts Hoo Andar hoo te baahir hoo,Hardam naal jalendaa hoo. Hoo […]

Na Main Jogi Na Main Jangam │Abyat e Bahoo│Punjabi Kalam │Hadrat Sultan Bahoo│(Sanam Marvi)

I am not sorcerer or Yogi neither isolation I accept Hoo I didn’t attend mosque neither rattling beads I perfect Hoo Such breath is infidel that is taken in ignorance; my master taught me such Hoo Spiritual Master sorted it nicely ‘Bahoo’ in a moment he got us in touch Hoo ناں میں جوگی ناں […]

Aashiq Soi Haqeqi Jehra│Sufiana Kalam 2019│Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A│Raja Hamid Ali

صوفیانہ کلام عاشق سوئی حقیقی جیہڑا قتل معشوق دے مَنّے ھُو عشق نہ چھوڑے مُکھ نہ موڑے توڑے سَے تلواراں کھنّے ھُو جِت وَ ل ویکھے راز ماہی دا لگے اُوسے بَنھے ھُو سچا عشق حسینؑ ابنِ علی ؑ دا باھُو ؒ سر دیوے راز نہ بَھنّے ھُو Actual ardent lover is such who acknowledges […]

SUN FARYAD PEERAN DEYA PEERA | Kalam Abyat Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A

Listen to my plea, O master of masters! to whom should I submit my plea to Hoo He would not enter my forecourt even hundreds of thousands times I beg him Hoo I am unattractive neither I possess wealth my beloved how could I glee Hoo Grief I shall have All the while ‘Bahoo’ I […]

je Rab Naateyaan Dhoteyaan Milda │Punajbi Kalam│Abyat e Bahoo│Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A

جے رب ناتیاں دھوتیاں ملدا تاں ملدا ڈڈواں مچھیاں ھُو جے رب لمیاں والاں ملدا تاں ملدا بھیڈاں سسیاں ھُو جے رب راتیں جاگیاں ملدا تاں ملدا کال کڑچیاں ھُو جے رب جتیاں ستیاں ملدا تاں ملدا ڈانداں خصیاں ھُو انہاں گلاں رب حاصل ناہیں باھُو ؒ رب ملدا دلیاں ہچھیاں ھُو If one could […]