Branding any Believer of Prophet Muhammad PBUH as Non Believer is worst of sins.

#Hazrat_Imam_Ahmed_bin_Hanbal says that Marwan bin Al-Hakam once visited #Masjid_Nabvi. He comes into the mosque and sees someone leaning on the blessed grave of the #Prophet (PBUH), and then putting his face on the #grave. You can well imagine that a person with this posture might look like he is kissing the grave. Certainly his face is touching the grave anyway. Marwan calls out that person and says, “Oh you! Do you know what you are doing?” At this, the person lifts up his face and turns toward Marwan. It turns out that it is not some Bedouin who is engaged in this act; it is Abu Ayub Ansari, the glorious companion and also the host of the Prophet (PBUH). The incident has been narrated by Syedna Bilal Habshi (PBUH), and has been quoted by Imam Zahbi, Hafiz Ibn e Asakar and also by Ast Al-Ghaba. All of these narrate another incident too that most of you might be already familiar with. After the holy demise of the Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Bilal Habshi (R.A) who was living then in #Damascus, #Syria, comes to visit the blessed city of #Madina. He returns to the city because he has seen the Prophet (PBUH) in his dream asking him why he was not visiting him anymore. Now Bilal starts his journey and reaches the tomb of the Prophet (PBUH). Reaching there he bursts into tears and starts rubbing his face on the blessed grave. If it were a violation of faith and a transgression against the #belief in #Allah, how would you describe the actions of Syedna Abu Ayub Ansari and Syedna Bilal Habshi (R.A)? So when you are dubbing virtually everything from visiting a tomb to kissing a grave as a violation of faith, you are committing a grievous sin. It is a fact that the mystics do not adopt anything that is not validated by Islamic jurisprudence, way of the Prophet (PBUH), and/or the actions of his blessed companions. Condemnation of the ummah is the most grievous of sins and branding any believer as non believer is the worst of sins. We see it every day on socialmedia that even those people who don’t know the proper method of making ablutions are quick to brand anyone as violator of faith. So I would humbly request all of you to distinguish between a kiss and a prostration. I have been directed by my spiritual mentor that prostrating yourself before a grave with the intention of worship is the violation of faith and prostrating yourself before a grave even with the intention of showing your respects is forbidden.
اُمتِ رسولﷺ کی تکفیر کرنا سخت ترین گناہ ہے۔

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