The motives of the rise of the islamic nation [By: Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad ALI Sb]

When did #Muslims #rule the #world? When was a #Muslim world order enforced? It was when #Cordova and #Baghdad were the hub of universities. It was when science and philosophy flourished in our society. It was when #Quran was more than a book of mere virtues; it was a revolutionary manifesto and a constitution. It presented a complete code of conduct for a believer. It was the time when entire Central Asia, South Asia, Austria, Greece, Rome and Spain in Europe, entire Middle East and half of Africa were part of the Islamic empire. But when these branches disappeared from our society, the Islamic empire became a thing in the past ملتِ اسلامیہِ کے عروج کے محرکات [گفتگو: صاحبزادہ سلطان احمد علی صاحب]

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