Purity of Heart and recognition of ALLAH

تقویٰ اور معرفتِ الہیٰ
We cannot reach the #purity of #heart, nor can our hearts remain in awe of their Creator, nor can we remain #righteous, nor can we adopt the true #spirit of piety, until we have cultivated the true #knowledge and recognition of #Allah, real understanding of His powers and the witnessing of His Being. This particular point relates with our hearts. The true piety is concerned, not with our appearances, but with our inner being. Piety is the matter of heart. When we truly adopt piety, #our hearts get to know their Creator and vice versa. And, Allah Almighty has made it manifest in the #Holy_Quran that fasting has been made obligatory for the purity of heart. It is supposed to engender righteous in ourselves.

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