Sukhi Wase Sakhi Sultan Bahoo │Qawali 2019│Shan e Bahoo │Raja Hamid Ali

قوالی: سُکھی وسّے سخی سلطان باھُوؒ
آواز: راجہ حامد علی


Sultan Bahoo is one of the greatest Sufis of the world and his thought equals that of Jalal-ud-Din Rumi, the great and famous Persian Sufi poet of twelve century. According to all records available, he was a man of God. With his heart fully and deeply immersed in love of God and his feet firmly planted in the celestial spheres, he ardently longed to become one with the Primal Unity. He authored more than 140 books in Persian on mystical truths. In the Indo- Pak Sub-Continent, he is more renowned for his poetry; in Punjabi poetry that sings of love for God and pours forth his spontaneous and passionate longing for God. His path is the Sufi path of Love, and his surrender to the Divine Beloved is unconditional and complete. There is no ulterior motive in his pure love for God; he desired nothing but God only.

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